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Wow – The power of nature!

Since ancient times, there has been an understanding and use of natural ingredients to heal and nurture. With the pharmaceutical industry producing more and more mass-produced medications for every kind of ailment, each with their own different side effects. I decided, because of having an interest in the benefits of plants, to look into natural options.

Skin Soother

Some years, and a couple of children later, my daughter’s eczema became my first problem to solve. She has sensitive skin and poor thing suffered with it from the aged of 5. I tried all the creams and medicines that were recommended, but none of them really worked. Inspired by my long-term curiosity in plant-based remedies, I decided to see if I could make a natural alternative to help her. Some 15+ years later, my Skin Soother cream is now available on my Website,’. It took me about 6 months of trials and testing on my daughter and others. The first version of the skin soother was the only thing that soothed the itchiness, and been using it ever since!

A few years of testing, it became clear what a difference to others.  This was the beginning of towards the launch of my business!

More to follow…

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