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Communication and Dyslexia

Creating and introducing P&V products into the marketplace is just part of the process, seeing how my natural products are assisting with skin and muscular issues is helping people makes me feel so happy and proud I have created natural formulas that are having a positive impact.

P&V Skin Soother and Muscle Relaxant

The written communication, marketing is another part of the process and being dyslexic has been an interesting journey because as with all dyslexics, the written word can be a little challenging at times.   Yes, it hasn’t ever stopped me progressing in life.  I love writing, just everything takes a little longer to put information down on paper which makes sense to the reader.  Certainly, words have got me into trouble at times much to the amusement of all!

Yes having Dyslexia takes me longer to carry out written tasks / learn new things however has allowed me to look at things differently and I feel the negatives are minor compared to the benefits.  I got diagnosed when my son was born but never thought there would be ways that I could help improve my day to day learning but through adult life have worked hard and got myself qualified in different areas.   Last year I was asked to present on dyslexia at work.  We have a show and tell program running along-side our day jobs to help others to have a greater insight different challenges, work experiences, wider learning tips etc.

You can imagine the nerves but set to work on my research and was fascinated it what I found out.  A mind-field but an extremely useful exercise and one that has benefited others.  If you take one thing away today; using a blue background with yellow writing is a useful self-help tool as I often miss words when reading black text on a white background as well as missing them out when writing, although fully aware what works for someone might differ for someone else – We are all unique after all!

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