Skin challenges while in Lockdown

What Skin Challenges Do You Face While In Lockdown?

P&V’s Unique Natural Formulas May Be Able To Be Of Assistance

To You?

Skin and stress is not a great combination as we all know, Dr Susan Mayou, consultant dermatologist reiterated the facts “Stress is a recognised trigger for inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and acne, so it’s unsurprising that more people are reporting breakouts at this uncertain and very stressful time,” P&V Skin Soother is a uniquely formulated natural option for aiding the calming of inflammatory skin irritants.  Why not join the P&V community and try out our products, we are offering a 20% discount, just add Corby1 in the voucher field.  Keep safe, with love from P&V.

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P&V’s inside view on Romney Tweed Fashion Challenge in Partnership with Royal St George’s Golf Club championing the development of the young.

I, Tara Checketts, was recently introduced to the world of premium quality Tweed made from the wool of Romney Sheep, which has two aims; propel the Tweed industry into SE Kent but also assist people into learning and enhancing new skills.

In addition to holding workshops Romney Tweed CIC have gone into partnership with Royal St. George’s Golf Club and created a Romney Tweed Fashion Challenge for 11 to 13-year level students to enter.  With their support, as well as that of the two Schools taking part in the learning and development of their students’ textile skill sets Sandwich Technical College and The Marsh Academy –  the students work both in school and out in the natural environment where they start to capture the colours and textures for their tweed designs.  In addition the children have all written fantastic essays about the textile industry and how the use of natural cloth (Tweed being one) assists businesses focusing on using biodegradable fabrics more than those which don’t, for example polyester and nylon which may take 20 to 200 years to fully biodegrade.

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The 2020 Open Championship Coming To Royal St George’s Golf Club!

With the  Open Championship at the forefront of our minds here in Kent, natural P&V Skin Soother and Muscle Relaxant packed with plant-based healing properties, are useful aids for supporting you against these challenging and changeable weather conditions.  South East Kent is known for being bright and breezy!

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Muscular Relaxation and the Next Steps

My second product, a muscle relaxant, was developed because of the frustration I had with trying to manage considerably painful and intense muscle spasms set off by a skeletal back problem in my 40’s.  It had been a slow recovery and my GP had recommended all the usual remedies, none of which had worked.   Pain killing pills made me feel groggy and lethargic, which just wasn’t ideal when I was holding down a full-time job, with a considerable commute.

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Wow – The power of nature!

Since ancient times, there has been an understanding and use of natural ingredients to heal and nurture. With the pharmaceutical industry producing more and more mass-produced medications for every kind of ailment, each with their own different side effects. I decided, because of having an interest in the benefits of plants, to look into natural options.

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