P&V Skin Soother and P&V Muscle Relaxant Creams are available to purchase online! Made from carefully chosen botanical ingredients including seaweed, aloe vera, rose and vanilla P&V creams are naturally beneficial for face and body.


The P&V philosophy is simple. We believe that everyone should feel their best, without smothering their skin in harmful ingredients and parabens. We offer an alternative, harnessing the power of the natural ingredients around us and putting it into our skincare.



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Back to Uni with beauty on a budget.

 My daughter and all her friends are in their last year of Uni, final push towards their degrees.  Which is of course stressful, so the beauty basics for face and body are a key element to help keep their skin preforming positively as well as their brains.

 What I can tell you as part of her daily beauty regime, the vegan friendly P&V Skin Soother,  her daily base feeder for her skin.  Although could vary for others, a 30Ml Pot for her lasts approx. 3 months which equates to approx. 27p per day.  Healthy Skin has provided greater confidence.

Another hidden gem is that two of the P&V Skin Soother ingredients contain SPF properties, Jojoba Oil SPF4 and Almond Oil SPF5.  For more info on some of the other ingredients click here.

Wow – The power of nature!

Since ancient times, there has been an understanding and use of natural ingredients to heal and nurture. With the pharmaceutical industry producing more and more mass-produced medications for every kind of ailment, each with their own different side effects. I decided, because of having an interest in the benefits of plants, to look into natural options.

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Muscular Relaxation and the Next Steps

My second product, a muscle relaxant, was developed because of the frustration I had with trying to manage considerably painful and intense muscle spasms set off by a skeletal back problem in my 40’s.  It had been a slow recovery and my GP had recommended all the usual remedies, none of which had worked.   Pain killing pills made me feel groggy and lethargic, which just wasn’t ideal when I was holding down a full-time job, with a considerable commute.

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